Are you the lady from the pictures and are they recent?


Yes, of course. I do not like lie. So I always honest with my clients. I expect same attitude to me as well. My pictures are current, they were made 2 month ago. I can change only my hairstyle)


Can you send me a picture of yourself or a day time photo?


I understand your point. There are a lot of fake accounts in internet. Many girls use another’s photos. That’s why I can understand some suspicion. It is normal when person do all his best to avoid disappointment.

But unfortunately due to my confidentiality and discreet policy  I can not show my face. I have social life so my reputation is very important for me. I did all my best to show you how I look via my latest professional photo shooting and few selfie without face in my gallery. So I will kindly appreciate if you will not ask me send more photos or “make selfie now”. About “making selfie now”. Thanks God, I have interesting and full of events life. So I am sorry but if I will make “selfie now” everytime when I have such request  for it I won’t have time for going gym:) And I like go to gym) So I am sorry but between “making selfie now” and work out I choose work out:) 


Can you give me a discount?

I am sorry but such questions kill my romantic mood! Please avoid it!


How do we deal with financial matters?

I will appreciate if my gift will be prepared for the beginning of our meeting. If we have an appointment in some public place please put it in envelope or gift bag. Please do not make me ask for my donation.


Can you tell me more about the experience?

Every date is unique for me. I try to do all my best to provide personal exclusive attitude for my man. I think that emotions and memories make our life brighter. So I am the source of positive waves for my guest. You can tell me if you have some special fantasy for our meeting. Dreams should come true!


What makes a companion different than an escort?

 There are big difference between escort girl and elite companion. Main goal of escort girl is money. I like when my man take care of me and give me gifts as well. But my main goal is pleasure. My pleasure and pIeasure of my man. I will never do nothing that will not gives me pleasure. That’s why all my meetings are so hot, exciting, passionate and full of memories. Because I really like what I do and I treat my man like a King!

I am selective .I prefer meet with respectful, kind and generous gentleman and feel chemistry between us.


What makes you different and why you choose to keep higher rates?

For me the most important feature is quality. I would like to meet with people who think same and appreciate discretion, safety and exclusivity. I know that I am priceless. Like any human being. So this donation is just your kindness for our unforgettable time. I prefer meet with low number of regular clients, enjoy every moment of our meeting and do not think about money.


What is your favorite type of date?

I prefer date which is started at cozy restaurant. We can have glass of

wine, talk, feel each other and dream about our hot time together at your hotel room:) Also I like traveling together, visiting new places, doing some activities. I enjoy visiting opera, theatre, cinema with you. I take pleasure in meetings which looks like “regular boyfriend/girlfriend” date. I always open for new experience and your offers. So if you have in mind some crazy plan of our date do not be shy, tell me)


How will you be dressed for our date?

I am in love with fashion. As I said in introduction, I have worked a lot of time in modeling business. When I was at fashion capitals I did some crazy experiments with my lookJ And sometimes people at the street looked after me and was thinking : “What the hell was it?”:) But now I became more calm old :)  and I prefer classy and elegant style. So you can be sure that you will not feel ashamed because of my look. Normally I choose elegant dress or suit and high-heel shoes. I do not like vulgarity or extravagance in clothe. If you dream about some special dress-code – tell me and I will do all my best. Please, no Superman suit anymore:) 


What kind of men are you attracted to?

I appreciate sense of humor, brain, respect and good manners in my man. Of course my man should know how use shower and brush before our date. And do not drink too much of alcohol.


Can I extend our time together?

Sure. It would be best compliment for me if you will decide spend more time together. Please do not forget that extra gift will be required.


I am married and concerned about my privacy, are you discreet?

I respect marriage and family values. My main goal is giving pleasure and happiness for my man. I will never disturb you and I will never contact you unless you contact me first. Meeting with me is totally private and confidential.


Does it matter what race/religion/weight I am?

I am interested in way how you treat others. The most important thing for me is your personal behavior and your character. I never discriminate people because of their religion, race, ethnic or physical appearance.


How would you like me to prepare for our meeting?

I do not expect  something  special from you. Good mood, good smell, fresh body from the shower, brushed teeth are enough for me to fall in love with you:)


Can you accompany me to a cultural event or business occasion or can I invite you for lunch/dinner?

Cultural and social events are my favorite types of dates. I have good education and perfect manners, so your friends will never guess about our special relationships.


What kind of intimate atmosphere do you prefer?

I have different fantasies. Sometimes I like sweet things like candles, soft music, bubble bath. But on the other hand I like some experiments. So it depends on our mood. Yours and mine.


What is a turn-off for you?

Poor hygiene, impatience, rudeness, risky behavior, drugs turn me off.


Do you travel abroad and or accept international bookings?

 Yes, I love traveling. I have started traveling in my childhood with my parents. And I still love it. I love sounds of airports. I love sleep at the plane and look at the window during my flight.

I was in some European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Estonia, Zech Republic, Cyprus. I love hot countries like UAE, Jordan, Izrael. I love water sports and diving so I enjoy staying at islands like Maldives, Mauritious, Carribean. I asian countries like China, Japan, Shri Lanka.

For travelling I will ask you send me money for flight tickets in advance. Also I will ask confirm your personality and send me your work website, driver’s  license or id card.

You can give me my gift when we meet if you invite me for weekend. If you invite me for 5 days and more I will ask you to send me deposit money. If you will cancel our meeting deposit money will not return back.

Traveling  is associated with fun time, good memories and new experience for me! It would be my pleasure share nice trip with you! Bon voyage!