My Profile

My Location-Kyiv


Nationality: Ukrainian


Age: 24 years old


Body type: slim and fit


Dress Size: Small, XS (US 2-4/ UK 6-8)


Height: 5'6'' (170 cm)


Weight: 55 kg


Hair: Long Dark Brown


Eyes: Blue


Education: University degree. Master student


Smoker: No


Star sign: Cancer


Languages: English, Spanish


My strengths:  Emphatic, sweet and kind, creative, outgoing, curious, feminine and sensual. With a bright sense of humor and optimistic.


 Life philosophy: I believe that our thoughts can influence our reality. If you have positive energy inside your heart you will meet same positive-oriented, successful people on your life road. If you blame your surroundings in your problems it means that you can not be responsible for your life. Such ideas can not bring your happiness or respect in society. I wish every people fell happy and full of love. But I know that everyone get what he or she deserve. So I always try to do all my best to develope myself and deserve more:)




Cities:  Saint Petersburg, Paris, Stockholm, Milano, Vienna, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zurich.


Cuisine: Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine


 Music:  I love Opera and Classical music. Also I found of jazz, romantic and sensual songs. But at gym I prefer smth with rhythm)


Hobbies: I enjoy reading, travelling and sports. I am social and easily make new friends.